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About Us

Our Mission

Create high performance training environments for talented young players of all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds who aspire to play collegiate tennis and beyond

Our Audience

Target a diverse pool of boys and girls that are between the ages of 12 and 18 years old

Our Focus

Host high performance tennis programming, including technical, physical and mental training, on college campuses throughout the United States

Training Opportunities

College Campus Series

Our goal is to create high performance training environments on college campuses around the country to introduce non-recruiting age, high performance junior players and their families to college programs, coaches and players.  The camps are planned for the match play session so that the junior players can train and watch college tennis.

In the past, we have held these clinics at the following universities:

  • Northwestern (2018, 2019 and 2020)
  • Notre Dame (2018)
  • Purdue (2019)
  • Stanford (2019)

Training and Match Play

Our goal is to create high performance training environments at local clubs to offer specific skill enhancement followed by match play both non-UTR and verified UTR based.

In the past, we have held these training opportunities at the following clubs and hope to expand this list in the future :

  • A.C. Nielsen Tennis Center
  • Midtown Athletic Club
  • Northbrook Racquet Club
  • The Club at Harpers Point
  • XS Tennis Village

Player Development Planning

Our goal is to leverage our player development and accountability planning system to help parents in the preparation of their player pathway to transition from junior tennis to collegiate tennis and beyond.

The following are the areas of emphasis:

  • identify and organize player data
  • develop timeline for goal progression
  • develop training and tournament calendar
  • track ranking progress
  • identify and refine game style
  • identify shot inventory and areas of focus
  • match shot inventory with game style

Upcoming 2022 Les Petits As Series Event

The 2022 Les Petits As Series is set to be hosted in August at:

We are so excited to work with these universities to host the Series tournaments! The rules are the same as last year, a 64 draw event for both boys and girls, single elimination with ITF rules played indoors to replicate the same environment as the main event in France. Our qualifying events will lead to a playoff in the Fall of 2022 to select the final 4 boys and 4 girls to represent the United States in France in January 2023.

To be eligible, with no exception, you must be an American citizen with or eligible to hold a US passport and must be born in 2009 or later.

2021 Les Petits As Series Event

We are proud to announce the USA Playoffs Lacoste Series!  The winners (6 boys and 6 girls) of the Series Events will be invited to the USA Playoffs by Lacoste along with 10 boys and 10 girls with a chance to represent the United States at the Les Petits As – Le Mondial Lacoste in France.  The USA Playoffs Lacoste will be conducted from July 25 to 29, 2021.

The 32 players, 14 and under, will be selected as follows:

    •  16 players (8 boys and 8 girls) selected for direct acceptance

    •  12 winners (6 boys and 6 girls) of the USA Playoffs Lacoste Series

    •  4 wildcards (2 boys and 2 girls) to be selected among the  Series Event participants


Direct Acceptance Boys’ List:

   •  Calvin Baierl

   •  Darwin Blanch

   •  Maximus Dussault

   •  Max Exsted

   •  Matiesse Farzam

   •  Oliver Narbut

   •   Jacob Olar

   •  Nicolas Patrick


Direct Acceptance Girls’ List:

   •  Claire An

   •  Riley Crowder

   •  Emily Deming

   •  Tyra Grant

   •  Iva Jovic

   •  Katie Rolls

   •  Akasha Urhobo

   •  Elena Zhao

For more details, please visit the Les Petits As web site, and to register, please visit our UTR Club.



PRIZE MONEY: $250 for each winner!


November 21 - 22, 2020

Northbrook, Illinois

The JTAS series has been created to provide safe, regional matchplay opportunities to junior and collegiate players who have had their fall seasons canceled or severely limited due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Tournament will be held indoors.

2020 Les Petits As Series Event

The USA Playoffs Lacoste Series: What is it?

3 Series Events, open to EVERY American player (boys and girls, 13 and under), have been organized in California, Florida and Illinois.  The Illinois Series Event will be hosted at Northwestern University from September 7 to 9, 2019 and all player selection, seeding and the draw will be based on verified UTRs for each player. 

The USA Playoffs Lacoste: How does it work?
The winners (a boy and a girl) of each Series Event will qualify for the USA Playoffs Lacoste along with 26 other players (16 boys and 16 girls, 13 and under) selected based on National ranking for a total of 32 American players (16 boys and 16 girls, 13 and under) will compete at the USA Playoffs Lacoste from October 5 to 9, 2019 to qualify for Les Petits As – Le Mondial Lacoste.

Les Petits As – Le Mondial Lacoste in France: Who qualifies?
Finally, of the 32 players, 8 players (4 boys and 4 girls) will earn a spot for Les Petits As – Le Mondial Lacoste scheduled for January 23 to February 2, 2020 representing the National Team in France.

About Les Petits As – Le Mondial Lacoste:  What is it?

This is an international tennis tournament considered as the world championships for 14 and Under players. It takes place each year in January at Tarbes, France. The upcoming dates are from January 23 to February 2, 2020. This competition has witnessed the first steps of many champions such as Chang, Nadal, Federer and Davenport and, recently, Zverev, Tiafoe and Gauff. Find more information at www.lespetitsas.com.

Please visit our Verified UTR Club for more details.

Meet the Leadership

Larry Manson

Co-Founder and President

Larry manages all administrative operations.  He has more than 30 years of business experience. 

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Aaron Mabra

Co-Founder, Vice President and Director of Tennis Operations

Aaron manages all tennis activities.  He has more than 25 years of tennis experience as a junior and college tennis player, high performance tennis professional and program director and general manager of a tennis club.

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Benjamin Ncube

Director of Player Development

Ben specializes in providing high performance instruction to juniors.  He has more 20 years of tennis experience as a junior and college tennis player, collegiate coach and tennis professional. He has  worked with players ranging from recreational, national, collegiate and professional levels traveling to over 35 states, 5 continents for tournaments and training purposes. Please visit www.bandzsports.com.

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Dr. Jorge Valerde

Senior Advisor-Emotional Development

Jorge has been providing mental toughness training exclusively to the junior and professional tennis industry for more than 30 years. He has served as the sports psychologist for several dozen tennis-related organizations and served as the sports psychologist for hundreds of junior and professional tennis players.  Please visit


email me

Greg Pipkins

Senior Coaching Advisor

Greg specializes in providing on court, early development instruction to juniors.  He has more 20 years of tennis experience as a junior and college tennis player, tennis professional and program director.

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One of our goals is to make available resources our constituents, including parents, players and coaches.  Please share with your peers.

USTA Parent Webinar Part I

USTA Parent Webinar Part II

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